Mister English in the Lleida Puppetry Fair


This last weekend, during the Lleida Puppetry Fair, Mister English build a tent next to Sant Juan Square to participate in this celebration.

In it, the boys and girls were able to participate in some free activities. First of all, for the ones who had a sweet tooth they participated in a workshop where they made they own edible flower with lots of sweets and candies. And for all the ones that wanted to disguise themselves there was also a face painting workshop, where they got to choose what they wanted to be. The day was a total succes, as more than 300 kids passed through the tent.

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Course Start 2017/18

COMENAMENTCURS6The course 2017/18 is starting 12 September in Lleida's academy for the groups at 16.15-17.4518.00-19.0018.00-19.30 and for the groups on Friday and Saturday.


The morning groups and the groups at 19.30 start the 2 October.

Oxford Test of English

OxfordTestofEnglish6Last 21 July 2017, the first Oxford Test of English was taken by 2 students in our central school in Lleida. OTE

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