Welcome to Mister English

We specialize in teaching English at all levels from the age of 3 to Proficiency. This activity takes place at the following locations:
  • Headquarters in Lleida.
    • Winter courses.
    • Summer courses.
  • Different state and private schools in Lleida and Huesca.
  • Companies in Lleida and Zaragoza.

The most important characteristics of our school:
  • Small groups (maximum 10-12 students per class).
  • Personalized tutorship for every student.
  • Classes in English from the first day.
  • Preparation for official exams:
    • Cambridge Exams.
    • Official Language School.
      (We offer free classes to prepare for these exams).
The classes have the following objectives:
  • Speak English from the first day.
  • Satisfy students with their learning.
  • Enable students to obtain an official certificate in English.


Acadèmia d'anglès Mister English
c/ Camp de Mart, 20
25006 Lleida
973 271 017




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